With a website, your logo, stationery or anything else for your business, the choice of colour might feel like secondary importance to having a cool design. But you should ignore colour choice as something irrelevant at your peril. You might have an idea or two about what colours mean in your mind when you see them. With something as important as the message your brand gives off, you should consider carefully.

You readily associate Virgin with that particular shade of red. Costa and Starbucks went for different shades and they stand out on the High Street. Whatever your colour choice, it has an impact on the way your customers and prospects view you.

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Red for Passion

Not for the faint of heart. Red means energy, passion, danger and excitement in equal measure for people. Look back through time and red meant danger for our ancestors. We still carry this around with us to this day. Use this if you want people to think of you as hot, cutting edge and passionate about what you do.

Mellow Yellow

This colour sings cheeriness and a playful heart that will resonate with certain groups of customers. There is also a mix of optimism in there. Colman’s have built their colour brand marketing around their main product and it feels natural. Look for that fit with your colour choice.

Green Credentials

The green movement is something that you might want to tap into if your businesses fits. It is linked initially to nature and vitality. These are great links to make with your clientele if your product matches. But did you also know that green is linked to wealth? How about making that an integral part of your colour scheme?

Blue Sky Thinking

There are many shades of blue and each brings something a little different with it. Sky blue is a calming and trusted colour. If you need to build bridges of trust with people before they buy from you then blue might be the colour. Also great for the Chelsea fan in you!

Regal Purple

It might be royal blue in terms of shades, but it is definitely regal purple in the mind of your target market. This colour is long associated with royalty and the lighter shades are now intrinsically linked with spirituality. If you want to create either of these images, then purple is your number one choice.

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