If you have recently booked a stand at a tradeshow for the first time, you will be filled with a mix of excitement and a little bit of fear. Going into the unknown can induce panic. Don’t let it.

Here are our tips on how to make it a raving success –

Make the most of your money

The money spent on a stand at a tradeshow can be a pretty penny. Don’t turn up unprepared. Knowing what you want will help you set off on the right foot. Plan your time there and set some targets. These can be for a number of areas, such as –

  • How many sales you want to achieve
  • How many people you want to connect with
  • The number of prize draw entries you will get

The actual objective will depend on your individual business, but you should know what success looks like. For example, adding 50 people to your email list might bring through 10 customers and earn £1,000 in sales. Does that cover the cost of the stand and tour time? Only you will know. Once they are in, use these tips to stop them from unsubscribing from your email list.

The doing is more important than the planning

It is all very well and good coming up with a plan. But you need to put this plan into action. Knowing what you want can be an easy ask in comparison to knowing how to make it happen. Think about these factors –

  • Make the stand visually appealing
  • Have all your marketing material ready well in advance of the tradeshow
  • Know how you are going to follow up with people
  • Stand out away from your stall and look back on it as though you were a visitor

Before the event and on the day, you should put all the effort in to leave you free to speak to people and explain what you do. Tradeshows are big business across the globe, and right here in Darlington and the North East of England too.

Making your first tradeshow a success

There are a few things to remember of the day too. The first time you try anything there will be unknowns. The key to success is making those connections, so think about the following items. Arrive nice and early so you can have it all set up and ready well before time. There will always be snagging items, and everything takes longer than you predict. Counter this by arriving early.

You will be on your feet all day so ensure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing – and be sure to wear a smile as well. People will be inundated with information, so get your elevator pitch ready. Don’t think you will get half an hour with each person. Strike a chord immediately and this will deliver much better results.

Good luck!


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