Maintaining your website without SEO | The Social Media Consultancy Limited

To think that SEO can be a one-time affair, or even worse, not do it at all, would be akin to sending your website prematurely to the graveyard. Let’s face it: the days where companies created a website purely to have that checked off a list have long gone. Now the internet is the primary vehicle for people finding anything and for contracting services, it’s all about accessibility and speed.

By making sure that your website is accompanied by a strong SEO package, you not only increase the likelihood of appearing at the top of search engine rankings, but it also improves customer experience and the likelihood of sales. During most standard SEO services, there will be health checks and audits which reveal a variety of secrets and issues about your current website.

Here are some of the secrets which standard SEO activities will reveal:

Algorithm Updates:

Search engines are always updating their criteria for picking up relevant website material: these algorithms are the holy grail of SEO activity. Making sure websites are compliant with search engine criteria ensures minimal clutter on the website and optimised search engine results, all in all, a better customer experience.

Out of Date Content:

Content turnover is an age-old fixed criteria for search engines and customers for that matter. Any activity related to SEO should be focused on generating fresh, unique content regularly. This should help companies find new areas of interest and stay ahead of the game.

Verifying Links to your Website:

Search engines will monitor and assess the web links to your website. A web link inserted anywhere on a well-regarded news source would be valued a lot more than a link from a social media site. By encouraging web owners to search, good reference sites also push an effort to understand where a valuable audience may be, which can aid any marketing drive.

Website Errors:

SEO related audits will expose on-site errors like broken links, pages or even general error messages. This keeps you on top of the health of your website and makes sure you always know when a customer’s experiences on your site are at threat and therefore remedy any problems before they become an issue.

For any budding SEO specialist, a few basic pointers:

  • Make sure Google Webmaster Tools is used to identify duplicate or missing tags
  • Begin to understand when to use image titles, and whether it is appropriate or not
  • We all know unique and recent content is essential, incorporate onsite blogs to enhance that
  • Use Google Analytics to gauge visitor behaviours, amongst other things
  • Search crawlers will try to access your sitemap. Make sure it is accessible!

Of course, we provide SEO audits and accompanying services, why else would we be writing fresh content? Feel free to browse our services and let us know if you have any queries.