Your business website is required to comply with current legislation, but so many businesses are unaware of the obligations.

Here is a checklist of legal requirements for you to check to see if your business website needs updating to keep you on the right side of the law.

Every website has to include the following information:

»  Full legal name of the website owner
»  Geographical address
»  Contact details including an email address
»  Details on how someone can contact you without using electronic means
»  VAT registration number (if applicable)
»  Information regarding an authorisation scheme eg FCA or Charity Commission (if applicable)

If you are a Limited Company or LLP, all business stationery including your website must also clearly include the following information:

»  Company registration number
»  Place of registration eg England
»  Registered office address

If your business has a global turnover of over £36 million and you operate within the United Kingdom you will also need to include a Modern Slavery statement.

In addition, to the above you should also consider having the following documents readily available on your website:

»  Website terms and conditions of use to outline how visitors can use your website
»  A privacy policy which clearly sets out how you handle personal data collected via your website
»  A cookie policy that is clear, easy to find and make sure you obtain consent to collect visitor information
»  Your terms and conditions for the sale of goods/services on your website, and ask each visitor to agree to them before purchasing (if applicable)

Although I’m not a solicitor, this checklist of website legal requirements based on my experience was produced to help you with your ongoing website improvements.


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