Google+ is a free social network powered by the world’s most powerful search engine Google. With a rapidly growing user base and its growing influence on internet searches, Google+ should be a key part to any businesses online marketing strategy.

Google+ allows business to create pages to help them develop long term relationships with their customers and prospects. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ allows you to fine tune your messages so that only the relevant people see them. One way of looking at this is Facebook and Twitter use a shot-gun approach that scatters your message, whereas Google+ use a sniper approach.

This ½ day workshop is suitable for business owner who want to make the most of their online marketing and gain a competitive edge over their competition. It is primarily aimed at small businesses, community groups and non-profit organisations.

What will you learn about:

  • What is Google+
  • How to set-up a Google+ Business Page
  • The benefits of Google+ for Searching
  • Google+ Marketing – Best Practices