This highly practical YouTube for Business workshop is designed for small business owners, retailers and non-profit organisations who want to attract new customers, educate existing ones, and improve their Google ranking.

Relevant, engaging video content is one of the most powerful ways of building your web presence-and yet one of the least-used methods.

Join us for this information-packed workshop, and get ahead of your competitors.

YouTube for Business – Starting Your Own Online Advertising Channel

Topics covered by this half-day intensive YouTube for Business workshop:

  • Starting your own YouTube channel.
  • Finding high quality third-party content.
  • Choosing & using affordable video equipment.
  • Easy video editing.
  • Uploading correctly, and in the right format.
  • Writing descriptions & tags that boost your ranking.
  • Embedding videos in your website.
  • Sharing your videos on other social media platforms.

Have you ever noticed how video tends to come higher in Google rankings than test, or even images?

You may already know Google owns YouTube.  Do you think mastering the basics of YouTube might just improve your online presence? You’d better believe it does!

Do your competitors use online video? If not, make sure you beat them to it.  If they do, you can still outperform them with a few simple tricks.

In this practical, immersive workshop, you’ll mostly learn by doing, as you find out just how easily we can set-up a YouTube channel and create video content together.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive guide to making the most of YouTube for your business.

Join us for what will be a fun, informative journey through the latest developments in online media.