A to Z of Social Media | The Social Media Consultancy Limited

Social media can be a big confusing world. With billions of people online it’s vital you get it right when it comes to your business. But where do you start? Here is our A-Z of social media.

A – Analytics – The beginning of our social media alphabet is actually quite an important one. Analytics is essentially who views your content and spotting trends that can help you connect with your audience. Analytics can be a complicated subject, but we can simplify everything with our training courses on all things social media.

B – Blogging – Blogging is an amazing way to connect with your audience on a personal level. It not only gives them a look into what you’re doing. Maintaining a blog is great for your business and website.

C – Communication – Social media is all about communication. Often the easiest and fastest way to talk with your audience, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are essential to keeping your clients and audience updated.

D – Direct Messaging – The changing times of the past few years especially have ushered in a new era of communication. E-mailing and calling are all still relevant but it’s important to still be available  through social media. A message not answered could be a client lost.

E – Explore – Don’t forget there are so many different kinds of social media sites out there that all serve different purposes. Don’t be afraid to dig a little deep and see what’s available.

F – Facebook – Obvious choice? Yes. But it is genuinely one of the best tools in your social media arsenal. With 1.49 billion people actively using Facebook, it’s essential that you get it right. We can show you how to reach the world and get eyes on your business.

G – Google + – Google + is the social media account set up by Google. It has features similar too Facebook and Twitter but as well as some unique additions such as circles that allow you to group people together by interest, age,  etc. To find out more, come to our social media courses.

H – HootSuite – A business needs many social media accounts to connect with your customers via multiple social media platforms at once. Hootsuite is a perfect way to manage all your social media accounts allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

I – Instagram – One of the most popular image sharing social media sites, intagram is great for showing off your product as well as a little personality.

J – Jargon – Don’t fill your posts full of language people won’t understand. It’s a sure fire way to get your audience ignoring your posts. Use words everyone can understand in a friendly manner.

K – Klout – Klout is an online and mobile app that measures your online influence. It takes your social interactions and analytics to give you a score out of 100. Climbing the ranks is difficult but the reward of having a fantastic social media portfolio is more than worth it.

L – Linkedin – If you’re in the world of work you know about Linkedin. Networking is an important part of business and building great working relationships. Linkedin is the perfect way to do this.

M – Management – It’s important that you plan your social media posts. Posting something without hindsight result in confusing posts.

N – Networking – Networking is an invaluable part of building a business. With social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with contacts, clients and business partners.

O – Opinions – Getting involved in conversations and discussions is a great part of social media. If you talk passionately and intelligently about a viral subject, you can gain plenty of support as well as eyes on your page.

P – Periscope – Live streaming can be a complicated this to get your head around. A lot of technology is needed which can be expensive. Periscope is an app that allows you to live stream directly from your mobile for the world to watch.

Q – Quality – If you post bad content, you won’t have people following you. All you content should be interesting, thought provoking and cater for your target audience.

R – RSS Feed – also known as a Rich Site Summery; RSS regularly updates a sites content with either new posts, topics or stories.

S – Spamming – This is the term used for flooding your own as well as other peoples news feeds and posts. This is most often used to gain attention from people but can get incredibly annoying and have people unlike/unfollow you as well as potentially getting banned or restricted form the site.

T – Twitter – Again an obvious one but it’s hard to think of anything more recognisable than Twitter. With over 300 million active users it’s no wonder businesses and clients alike search for on another of Twitter.

U – Unfollowed – A word you never want to come across on social media. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc. An unfollow can equal a lost opportunity. But this can easily be avoided by not spamming and posting good content.

V – Viral – This word is thrown around a lot in the internet era. Vial videos, marketing campaigns, etc are a great way to get noticed and show off your personality in a unique way

W – WordPress – A perfect platform to build and maintain your website, WordPress can create a stunning website from scratch that looks great on mobile devises too. You can join our courses to learn all about WordPress

X – X Factor – Make your social media unique. If a social media account is similar to every other companies, you won’t stand out and essentially be an afterthought. Make your page stand out with your layout, posts and marketing.

Y – YouTube – Half of the videos watched online are watched on YouTube by it’s one billion active users. creating video content is perfect for advertising your product in a creative way. With the age of on demand TV it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the platform.

Z – zzzzzzzzzz – This is what people will do if your social media is uninteresting and boring. Don’t be afraid to throw out an opinion, post an interesting video or a though provoking article. Keep it fresh and most importantly relevant.